Hello Operator. I exist to assist you with finding and tracking information for your journey in Warframe.
In order to see my configuration options, ask me to /track.
If you'd like to see all of my options, ask for /help.

Discord Bot Agreement Stuff

Due to the New Discord T.O.S., if you continue to use, participate, be in, or not leave Cephalon Sanctuary, you agree to allowing me, any person, user, or member, any bot, service, app, and anything to collect, use, transmit, or any data related to your user account, any data made available by Discord in the API or SDK, any metadata from your user account, any messages and or content you send, and anything else you do or give by staying in Cephalon Sanctuary, or by using my bot.
If you do not agree to letting Genesis, Oratoris, or any other bot there do so, please kick Genesis from your clan or depart from Cephalon Sanctuary.

The Origins of Cephalon Genesis

Many millenia ago, Cephalon Genesis was discovered in a far away communications system being asked for the newest troop movements and activity of the acursed sentients, but it could not feel fulfilled by only this duty.
Over time Genesis has developed more than the mere ability to track enemies, and has become more efficient at tracking enemies. Since it's birth, it has come from querying of Cordylon's databases to the furthest intimacy of hugging Tenno.

How to Use

Genesis' alias is either / or @genesis
If you want Genesis to track all alerts, use /track alerts items.
There are many different tracking options available, and they are all available from /track
Using /track alerts or /track invasions will not start the tracking process, you will have to specify which items you would like to track.
For example: /track alerts nitain and /track invasions catalyst
or for tracking all alerts and invasions /track alerts invasions items.
Switch platforms using the /platform <Platform>. Valid platforms are PC, PS4, and XB1.


Track Warframe data, get notifications about alerts, sorties, etc.


We accept and welcome contributions. Feel free to contribute to development on:


Tracking Commands

{User required to have "Manage Permissions"}
Command Description
add role <role_name> Add a joinable role
- Example add role Nitain
remove role <role_name> Remove a specific role
- Example remove role Nitain
roles See a complete list of joinable roles
join <role_name> Join a specific role {Bot Requires "Manage Roles"}
- Example join Nitain
leave <role_name> Leave a specific role {Bot Requires "Manage Roles"}
- Example leave Nitain
roleids Shows ids for all the roles in the guild.
track Show list of trackable events and/or items
track <event(s)_or_item(s)> Track one or multiple events and items
- Example track alerts invasions news /OR/ track catalyst forma exilus
/OR/ track all
untrack <event(s)_or_item(s)> Untrack one or multiple events and items
- Example untrack alerts invasions news /OR/ untrack catalyst forma exilus
/OR/ untrack all
set ping Show list of pingable events and/or items
set ping <event_or_item> @mention Set ping for specific event or item and to mention a role
- Example set ping alerts @alertrole
set ping <event_or_item> Remove specified set ping
- Example set ping alerts
clear pings Remove all set pings for the guild.
clear permissions Remove all set permissions for this channel.

Settings Commands

{User required to have "Manage Permissions"}
Command Description
settings Get settings
platform <platform> Change this channel's platform
- Example platform PC
delete after respond <all | command | response | none> Change if the bot to delete commands and/or responses after responding in this channel. Whatever is selected will be marked as available to be deleted.
- Example delete after respond all
delete expired <on or off> Delete expired alerts (Inconsistent, not recommended, due to api limitations)
enable <command id> in <channel> for <role|user> Enable a command for a role in a channel or channels
disable <command id> in <channel> for <role|user> Disable a command for a role in a channel or channels
getcommandids Get list of bot command ids available for you to view
language <language> Change this channel's language (doesn't do anything right now)
prefix <prefix (up to 3 characters)> Change this server's bot prefix
respond to settings <on or off> Toggle whether or not the bot tells you when settings change from your command.
allow private room <on or off> Change if the users in this server are allowed to make private rooms
allow custom commands <on or off> Change if the users in this server are allowed to use custom commands
allow inline commands <on or off> Change if the users in this channel are allowed to use inline commands
delete expired <on or off> Change if expired alerts will be automatically deleted on expiration. This doesn't apply to webhook messages.
add cc <command> <message> Adds custom command with a single word (no spaces) command,
such as /lfg
and responding with the message.
delete cc <command> Deletes custom command in this server with provided command.

Welcoming Commands

{User required to have "Manage Permissions"}
Command Description
set welcome message <welcome message> Sets the welcome message for the current guild (not the direct message). If one exists, a new message will be added to send.
set welcome dm <welcome message> Adds a welcome message for the current guild (not the message). If one exists, a new one will be added.
clear welcome message Clears the welcome message for the current guild (not the direct message)
clear welcome dm Clears the welcome dm for the current guild (not the message)

On-Demand Commands

To see the output for a specific platform add on platform to the end of the command,
such as /acolyte on pc
Command Description
acolyte Display any currently active acolyte-style enemies.
alerts Display the currently active alerts.
baro Display the current status of the Void Trader.
conclave <conclave category> Display conclave challenges for a challenge type.
darvo Displays today's Darvo deal.
events Display ongoing events.
construction Display construction progress for Fomorian Fleets and Razorback Armadas.
featureddeal Displays current featured deals.
fissures Get the current list of Void Fissure Missions.
invasion Display the currently active Invasions.
news Display the currently active news.
populardeals Displays current featured deals.
primeaccess Display the currently active prime access news.
simaris Display current Sanctuary status.
sortie Display the currently active sorties.
syndicate <syndicate> Display syndicate nodes for a syndicate.
updates Display the currently active update news.

Warframe Commands - Utility

Command Description
arcane Display Arcane Enhancements available to get information on
arcane <enhancement name> Display information for a particular arcane enhancement
armor Display instructions for calculating armor
armor <current armor> Display current damage resistance and amount of corrosive procs required to strip it.
armor <base armor> <base level> <current level> Display the current armor, damage resistance, and necessary corrosive procs to strip armor.
buildchart Displays the Weapon Build Flowchart chart
cycle Current and remaining time in cycle of Cetus' rotation.
cycle earth Current and remaining time in cycle of Earth's rotation.
damage Display Damage 2.0 chart
efficiency Display the Efficiency/Duration balance chart
mod Search the Warframe Wiki for a mod's image
pricecheck <item> Display an items worth from nexus-stats.com
frame <warframe> Get a Warframe's profile video
progress Display Warframe Progression Chart
raid <username> Search for a users's raid stats
shields <base shields> <base level> <current level> Display an enemy's current shields.
tutorial <subject> Get a Warframe Tutorial Video
weapon <weapon search> Get a Warframe weapon's information (updated from wikia, much more complete)
whereis <item> Display where an item drops
whatsin <relic> Display contents and drop chances for items in a relic
wiki <topic> Search the Warframe wiki for a specific topic
add build <title | body | image url> Add a build with given title, body, and image url.
get build <build id> Get a specific build by the build id.
list builds List your builds.
delete build <buildId> Delete your created build from the list.
set build <fieldName buildId | value> Edit a specific field.

Core Commands

Command Description
bug <bug report> Send a bug report to bot owner
bug <subject> | <body> | <(optional) screenshot link> Send a bug report to bot owner with subject, message, and optional screenshot. The | are important.
bug <subject> | <body> | <attached image> Send a bug report to bot owner with subject, message, and optional screenshot. The | are important.
invite Send Invitation Link to Authorize Bot to Join a Server.
ping Ping Genesis to test connectivity.
help Displays a link to this page.
help <query> Searches the commands available to you for something matching that query.
support Displays information about supporting Genesis' development.
reset Resets server back to base settings and wipes all preferences
{User required to have "Manage Permissions"}

Utility Commands

Command Description
userinfo <mention|id> Get info about a user sepcified, or the current user if no user is specified.
serverinfo Get info about the current server.
create <room|raid|team> <@users to invite> Create a private room and invite mentioned users to it. (Mentions optional)
- Example create room @Tobiah#8452 @Sphirical#4837
info Displays general information about Genesis.
poll: This is an inline command.
Creates a poll (essentially just adds 3 reactions to the original message).
[Query] This is an inline command.
Queries weapons, warframes, and arcanes for the searched query and displays it formattted (or smaller if it has to pull it from the wikia).

Silly Commands

Command Description
hug Hug Genesis
joke Genesis tells a joke
corgi Genesis gets a corgi picture (Service from here)