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Genesis is a fully controllable bot which comes with a lot of utilities focused around one thing: helping you play Warframe better

The default set of features includes and it's not limited to:

  • Warframe Event Tracking
  • Warframe item and information retrieval
  • Item pricechecking, powered by  and
  • On-demand Warframe worldstate information
  • Simple logging (deletes, users leaving, users joining, bans)
  • Role joining/leaving via commands
  • Dynamic voice channel creation


Genesis has a wide user base and lots of people more than happy to help make your experience easier.


  • Be cool
  • Read #frequently-asked#upstatus, and #known-issues  before asking questions so you don't get sarcastic answers!
  • Stick some sweet questions in #support-talk-requests or some requests in #requests
  • Don't antagonize fellow Discordians
  • Help out when you understand what's up!
  • The server isn't for trading, grouping up, or stuff like that. But if you want to, you can, just don't clog chat
  • Play Warframe